Stephen Fry to join Robert Downey Jr. and Noomi Rapace in Sherlock Holmes 2

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

When the sequel to SHERLOCK HOLMES was announced, there were three high profile roles that we knew were going to be appearing in the film.  The first was the female lead, which we now know belongs to the great Noomi Rapace.  The second, and maybe the highest profile, is that of Holmes’ nemesis Moriarty, which still hasn’t been cast.  The last was that of Sherlock’s brother Mycroft and today we learn that Stephen Fry will be playing the older, wiser and lazier brother to our favorite detective.  Fry has been around for a long time, appearing in films such as V FOR VENDETTA and GOSFORD PARK.

I can’t imagine that Sherlock’s brother will play that big of a role in the sequel, so assuming Fry will show up for a few comedic breaks, it’s a good choice.  So with Mycroft out of the way, all we have left is the casting of Moriarty and if they can get Brad Pitt or Daniel Day Lewis (as rumored), this should be a great time, assuming director Guy Ritchie doesn’t mess it up.

Stephen Fry

Source: Hollywood News

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