Stephen King may write an episode of The Walking Dead

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD has turned into one of the hottest shows on television due to not only content (who doesn’t love watching zombie apocalypse story lines?) but also great writing, so why not bring on one of the most popular horror writers of our time in to do an episode or two? Stephen King is currently in talks to come on to write for THE WALKING DEAD for at least one episode (but more would be cool). So how did King manage to snag a potential writing gig for one of the best shows on TV? Well, it helps when the guy running the show, Frank Darabont, has adapted a couple of your books for the big screen. This is all in the very early stages of talks, but wouldn’t it be cool to have King as a regular or even occasional writer for the show?

I actually plowed through season one of THE WALKING DEAD last weekend, and although I had vivid dreams about zombies and how to take them out, it was an awesome show and I can’t wait until season two.

Stephen King

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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