Stephen King's novel The Stand to become a feature film

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Stephen King‘s classic novel The Stand is finally making it’s way to the big screen, does this surprise anyone? Maybe we should all be thankful that at least it’s not another remake. Warner Bros. and CBS have finally taken a stand (sometimes I crack myself up) and have decided to adapt the novel about the world after an apocalypse. The studio is working out whether THE STAND will be one film or multiple films (the original book was around 823 pages and then the uncut copy was 1,168 pages-King is one thorough guy), and King will be involved one way or another. No word on when production will start or who will be involved, but we’ll keep you posted.

I guess we should all let this fly since King actually set the tone for all these post-apocalyptic films and television shows but no joke, I’m done with the ever-impending apocalypse and all the drama that comes with them. In fact, I think I want to go in the first wave so I don’t have to bother outrunning zombies or survive by scrounging around for food and being wary of crazies who are lurking around every corner. Too much drama that I don’t want any part of. Here’s my brain zombie- bon appetit!

Stephen King

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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