Steve Carell may join Meryl Streep in Great Hope Springs

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Everyone knows that Steve Carell’s days on the television show “The Office” are numbered, so it’s no surprise that he’s started lining up film projects to fill his time. And really, who better to star alongside than one of the greatest actresses of all time, Ms. Meryl Streep? Carell is in negotiations to star in the dramedy GREAT HOPE SPRINGS, about a middle-aged couple who go on a weekend retreat to fix some of the marital issues that are threatening the relationship. Streep will play part of the couple with her husband-to-be yet to be cast and Carell would play the therapist who helps them through their issues. The film will be directed by David Frankel who previously worked with Streep on THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA.  No word on when filming will begin.

This seems like a good fit for Carell, he typically does well in these types of supporting roles so I hope he signs on.

Steve Carell

Source: Deadline

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