Steve Carell to be Raised by Wolfs

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

It pains me to write “wolfs” instead of “wolves”, but I didn’t write the script, so I have to go with what they say.  After announcing he’s officially leaving ‘The Office’, we all assumed Steve Carell would get to work producing and starring in a slew of films.  First up for the comedian is RAISED BY WOLFS, which apparently has nothing to do with the furry four-legged mammals, but rather “Wolfs” is the character’s last name, hence the suspected misspelling.  This will mark the first film from Steve Carell’s newly formed Carousel Productions.  Les Firestein wrote the script and as of right now, no plot details have been released.

Firestein is an accomplished writer, working on shows like ‘The Drew Carey Show’ and ‘In Living Colour’.  In their heyday, those were pretty funny shows.  I like Steve Carell, but probably not as much as most fans.

Steve Carell

Source: Risky Business

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