Steve Carell will star in Dogs of Babel

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Steve Carell has just signed on to star in and co-produce the upcoming drama DOGS OF BABEL. The film is an adaptation of the novel by Carolyn Parkhurst and follows a linguistic professor who comes home one day to find his wife dead in the backyard. The police rule the tragedy an accident but the professor isn’t convinced but the only witness is his dog Lorelei. Stricken with grief and in desperate need for answers, he tries to teach Lorelei to talk so she can recount the final moments of his wife’s life. No word on when production will start.

That sounds like a seriously depressing story, but I think Steve Carell can pull it off. Even though he’s known for his comedy, I think he’s really a well rounded actor. As much as I hated his character Michael Scott in the first season of THE OFFICE, I grew to love him because Carell gave him so much depth.

Comedian Steve Carell

Source: Mandate Pictures

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