Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin reteaming in a new comedy for Adam Shankman

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I’m not sure when Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin became a dynamic duo, but after starring in IT’S COMPLICATED and then hosting the Oscars together, the two seem like they’re BFF’s.  The duo are set to test their chemistry again as they’ve agreed to star in a new comedy described as TRADING PLACES meets GRUMPY OLD MEN.  To guide them through their comedic journey, they’ve enlisted the help of Adam Shankman.  It may seem odd to ask Shankman to do anything other than annoy audiences, but the guy did direct the two at the Oscars, so he’s familiar with both of them.

I’m one of Martin’s biggest fans, but my complaint through the years has been he hasn’t been able to find a decent role in the past decade or so.  And I like funny Alec Baldwin (serious Alec Baldwin is a douche), so this has promise.  As long as they don’t turn this into a body-swap movie, I’ll be okay with it.  And please Shankman, give Martin the freedom to go crazy with his role.


Source: Deadline

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