Steven Spielberg, Brad Bird and J.J. Abrams expected to read Michael Arndt's Star Wars: Episode 7 treatment

Steven Spielberg and Star Wars

We had gone almost 24 hours without an update on STAR WARS: EPISODE VII and right before I was about to check outside to see if the world had ended, we got an update.  And this little tidbit is one of the juiciest nuggets we’ve had yet.  It’s being reported that LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE and TOY STORY 3 writer Michael Arndt has written a 50 page treatment for Episode 7 and that he wrote it before the Lucasfilm sale was final.  Arndt is a great and obvious choice since he’s so well respected at Disney and he’s even touched up scripts on THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE and various Pixar films over the years.  He’s also known to be a huge Star Wars fan.  But when it comes to Star Wars, you can’t have some facts without some rumors and with that in mind, it’s also being reported that the treatment is being handed out to some serious A-list directors, including Steven Spielberg, Brad Bird and J.J. Abrams.

Spielberg is another obvious choice given his 30+ year friendship with George Lucas and his repeated statements that he’d love to direct a Star Wars film.  He’s pictured above on the set of THE PHANTOM MENACE, but he was famously brought in on REVENGE OF THE SITH to make some changes and direct some scenes.  If this was 1985, I’d be too excited to even type, but since it’s 2012 and Spielberg isn’t quite the same, I can’t say I’m overly excited about the prospect.  J.J. Abrams is another obvious choice after what he did with STAR TREK, but I question whether or not he would want to commit the time it’s going to take to make a Star Wars film.  He not only has the Star Trek franchise to monitor, but he has numerous TV projects in the works.  As for Brad Bird, he’s the realistic choice fans are clamoring for and of the three, I think he’d be able to do the most with it.  As always, don’t get your hopes up until we hear something official from Disney.  (Vulture)

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