Steven Spielberg circling Robopocalypse

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Whenever the bearded one even reads a script, it’s considered movie news.  At any given time, there are always about five or six projects that might be his next.  Now we can add another film to that list in the apocalyptic-robot film ROBOPOCALYPSE.  This film is based on the not-yet published book by Daniel H. Wilson, who typically writes funny, non-fiction books about how to survive disasters.  Screenwriter Drew Goddard is already working on the script.  Goddard is no stranger to disaster films as he wrote the script for the great CLOVERFIELD.

As cool as it would be to see Steven Spielberg direct a humorous film about robots taking over the world, I’m not holding my breath.  We’re still waiting for him to do that Abraham Lincoln movie.  Right now, he’s hard at work on the TIN TIN movie and typically, after he does a large project, he chooses something small.  I don’t think ROBOPOCALYPSE would qualify as small.

Steven Spielberg

Source: Deadline New York

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