Steven Spielberg wants to see Michael Bay do another installment of Transformers

Posted by: Zack Bruce

As a boy growing up in the 80s, TRANSFORMERS was one of my favorite shows. There as nothing cooler than vehicles turning into giant robots for the battle of good versus evil. My parents spent several hard earned dollars on action figures to appease my addiction. Unfortunately the only one I was able to hang on to was Optimus Prime. My mom ended up selling all the rest of them at a garage sale.

So when I heard about Michael Bay directing the live action films, I was naturally excited. The franchise overall has been pretty entertaining. It’s got all the elements it should– explosions, girls, and tons of action. Transformers was just a fun cartoon that gave kids what they wanted. There was no complex formula.

When Steven Spielberg was asked if he’d like to see another film in the TRANSFORMERS franchise, the director replied, “I hope so, because I think he made the best of the three with this last one. I certainly can’t imagine anybody other than Michael being equipped to make another Transformers. He’s invented a genre and he’s got the secret formula.” I really wouldn’t mind another film. Bay said he was done with the franchise but I can see him returning to it in a couple of years or less.

Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay

Source: /Film

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