Steven Spielberg's Lincoln will go head-to-head with James Bond in Skyfall

Steven Spielberg at the PGA awards

It’s only natural to think that any Steven Spielberg film to ever grace a theater screen would open on one of two days: Christmas Day or Independence Day (July 4th), so this news is just a bit surprising. Steven Spielberg mentioned a while ago that he was planning on releasing his next film LINCOLN, based on one of the greatest American presidents to be portrayed by one of the greatest actors Daniel Day-Lewis, sometime after the elections this fall. Apparently The Bearded One wasn’t kidding as LINCOLN is opening just a few days after our next President will be named.

Normally this wouldn’t be considered news since movies shift dates all the time. Only this time is a little different because Steven Spielberg isn’t just going up against any old movie release, he’s going up against James Bond and Sam Mendes with SKYFALL. James Bond has historically done really well at the box office and normally takes the box office opening week. Unfortunately for LINCOLN, November 9th will only see a limited release in theaters with a wider release the next weekend. What’s the problem there? That would be the same weekend TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART 2 opens, and quite frankly nothing stands a chance against that. So the question remains, will LINCOLN get a fair shot with viewers or will Steven Spielberg’s latest film get pushed off to the side like WAR HORSE or THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN, guess we’ll just have to wait and see. (The Wrap)

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