Studio looking at Ashley Greene and Hayden Panettiere for Scream 4

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

With the cancellation of ‘Heroes’, it looks like Hayden Panettiere will have plenty of free time on her hands.  If Dimension has their way, she’ll be spending some of that free time making SCREAM 4.  Along with Panettiere, Dimension has made offers to Twilight’s Ashley Greene, Lake Bell and Rory Culkin.  According to the studio, Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox are all returning, but they’re looking to bring in a new cast in order to continue the franchise.  Greene would be the film’s star and play a cousin of Sidney (Campbell), Panettiere would be a nerdy film geek, Bell would play a policewoman that knew Sidney in school and Culkin would be a love interest to Greene’s character.

The Scream franchise could potentially last forever and it’s hard to get upset at horror sequels, so I’m okay with this news.  I like Ashley Greene and she’d make a fine replacement for Neve Campbell.  I guess the only question is whether or not Wes Craven is going to kill off Sidney.

Ashley Greene and Hayden Panettiere

Source: Heat Vision

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