Studio looking to replace Rose McGowan with Megan Fox in Red Sonja

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I feel like it’s a safe assumption that any studio doing a comic book film or an action movie or heck, any movie of any type wants Megan Fox to be a part of their film.  So the news that the planned remake of RED SONJA has made an offer to Megan Fox to don the barbarian tights is not really that shocking.  What would be shocking is if she accepted the role.

A while back, we heard word that Rose McGowan would be playing Red Sonja, but then she signed on as an evil witch in CONAN, which threw up the flag that maybe she wasn’t going to be Sonja after all.  There’s also no word as to whether Robert Rodriguez would still be producing.  Basically, no one knows anything about the film except that they want Megan Fox to star in it…which we probably already assumed.  So is Megan Fox a good fit for Red Sonja?

Megan Fox and Red Sonja

Source: Pajiba

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