Super Troopers 2 Blu-ray Review

I was a theatre manager when the original SUPER TROOPERS came out, and my staff and I spent countless hours trying to insert the word “Meow” into our conversations, saying things like “would you like butter on your meow corn?”  It was probably funnier then as opposed to when I think about it now. Which will probably be how the new film, SUPER TROOPERS 2, will be remembered.

The plot, in a nutshell.  Our favorite former Vermont State Troopers are now working new jobs.  However, that all changes one day when it is discovered that a small town in what was thought to be Canada is actually a part of the United States.  This leads the Governor of Vermont (a still beautiful Lynda Carter) to requisition another Trooper barracks, bringing back the old gang from Broken Lizard to replace the durable Canadian Mounted Police.  Then, as they say, hijinks ensue.

Super Troopers 2

Not as cleanly written as the original film, SUPER TROOPERS 2 comes across as a mishmash of ideas that were all thrown together with no real rhyme or reason.  Jokes, whether funny or not, fly from the screen, many of them landing with a “thud.” That being said, the one that do land hit their targets more than not. When all else fails, the guys revert to what worked in the first film, be it the brutal treatment by his fellow Troopers of Trooper Farva or a recurring bit playing the “meow” game.  

Part of this faint praise goes to the Broken Lizard cast, all of them who have refined their characters to precision.  How wonderful it is to see Heffernan’s Trooper Farva’s reaction when he discovers that one can actually purchase “a liter of soda.”  And Brian Cox is a delight. Hard to believe that the original Hannibal Lecter can be so damn funny. Cameos by such well known celebs as Damon Wayans, Jr, Seann William Scott, Fred Savage, Jim Gaffigan and Rob Lowe, who plays the Mayor of the fading Canadian province, also help give the film life.

Super Troopers 2

The look of the film is excellent.  The group did not have much success with their films following the original SUPER TROOPERS, and they actually took to Indiegogo to raise the money to make this one.  Director Chandrasekhar, who has spent most of the 17 years since SUPER TROOPERS directing many popular television shows, including “The Goldbergs,” “Chuck,” “Community” and “Royal Pains,” has developed a good eye for what to fit inside the lens and, even when some of the lesser jokes threaten to stop the film dead, keeps the film moving smoothly if not quickly.

The Internet Movie Data Base threatens a SUPER TROOPERS 3 and, if this comes to fruition, I hope the Broken Lizard gang spend more time on weeding out the dull spots.  Sometimes less is more and if the boys can figure that out, they may have a movie that is so successful they won’t have to go to their fans, hat in hand, to raise the money needed to make it..  Meow.


Video:  The film is presented in its original 1.85:1 aspect ratio and the transfer is sharp and clear.  The film has a “rustic” tone, similar to its outdoorsy setting.

Audio:  The audio is in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and is also very clean.  You hear every punch line, funny or not.

Making “Super Troopers 2” (39.51):  A very funny and entertaining behind the scenes look at the making of the film as well as their Indiegogo fund raising efforts.

Extended/Deleted Scenes (19:40):  A selection of extended and deleted scenes that really add nothing to the film, except maybe for another laugh or two.

Kevin Heffernan:  Method Actor (1:50):  Heffernan berates the viewer with a cascade of dirty words as he implores you, the viewer, to come see his movie.

Theatrical Trailer (3:24)


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