Superman & Batman movie is coming in 2015, plus The Flash and Justice League updates

Superman and Batman

Warner Bros. has kept their cards pretty close to their chest when it comes to their plans for the DC comics universe.  MAN OF STEEL was a success, but not the earth shattering, Avengers-like success I think they were hoping for.  Their Dark Knight trilogy is over and Christian Bale has said repeatedly he’s not coming back (although I think a truckload of money would change his mind).  So that means we only have one established character for the proposed Justice League movie.  Fans everywhere were curious to see how they were possibly going to make that movie with those odds.  Well, it turns out they’re not going to make that movie…yet.  Nor are they going to reboot the Batman franchise…yet.  Nor are they going to make a straight sequel to MAN OF STEEL…yet.

What they are going to do is make a SUPERMAN & BATMAN movie.  Not Superman vs. Batman, but it will be a sequel of sorts to MAN OF STEEL and will feature our heroes teaming up in some capacity.  Henry Cavill is practically signed on for life to play Superman, so he’s obviously coming back, but it’s also believed that director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan will be returning as well.  Of course, we still have more questions than answers, specifically who will be donning the bat suit.  If they’re truly aiming for a 2015 release, they at least have to be in talks with an actor at this point.  (HeroComplex)

Update: News is coming in quick regarding the plans for DC and Warner Bros.  Not only is there going to be a SUPERMAN & BATMAN movie in 2015, but word now is that THE FLASH will be following in 2016 and that will set up THE JUSTICE LEAGUE movie for 2017.  This falls in line with writer David S. Goyer’s plans for MAN OF STEEL, where he said that Superman’s revelation to the world would inspire other superheroes to come forward.  A Flash movie is great, but I think it still all comes back to Batman. (HeatVision)

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