Sylvester Stallone is teaming with the Fruitvale Station duo for a Creed spinoff

Sylvester Stallone and Carl Weathers in Rocky

Before you jump on this news story with hatred and long diatribes about how Hollywood has no original ideas, give it a chance.  FRUITVALE STATION director Ryan Coogler and star Michael B. Jordan are in talks to direct and star in a spinoff of the Rocky franchise, based on the grandson of Apollo Creed.  The story will follow Apollo’s grandson as he gravitates towards the world of boxing despite growing up wealthy thanks to his grandfather’s success.  Struggling to find help, he turns to a retired Rocky Balboa, who is reluctant to get back into boxing.  Sylvester Stallone will be reprising his character for the seventh time, which essentially would be a sequel of sorts to ROCKY BABLOA, even though the story would focus more on the first four Rocky films.  Apollo Creed died, as you remember, in the beginning of ROCKY IV after getting beaten to death by Russian boxer Drago.

This is obviously ripe for disaster, but it’s also supposedly a passion project for Ryan Coogler.  Coogler did a great job on FRUITVALE STATION and passion is typically a key factor I look for with these types of movies.  It can go either way, but I like that they got Sylvester Stallone on board, who is apparently excited about the project as are the producers at MGM.  There’s no word on when this will start as contracts are still being worked out, but I would expect it to get going quickly. (Deadline)

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