Brad Pitt takes pay cut to ensure Moneyball goes up to bat

Posted by: Nathan Swank

Finally, the baseball drama MONEYBALL is making more headway. As reported back in December, the film had received Bennett Miller as a replacement director for Steven Soderbergh. We now have information that Columbia Pictures is locking in a July start date after the film’s budget was cut down from an estimated $60 million to a near $47 million. Among those chipping in for the pay cut is Brad Pitt who will take a considerable drop in payment. Pitt must feel passionately about the project to give up his A-lister rights. But we all know this is not unusual for Angelia Jolie’s equally attractive half, he is a giver. But I suspect he will get a bit more of the back-end success of the film. Wow, looks, passion, humility and smarts to boot. I’m sorry, I get all flustered when talking about Mr. Pitt- it’s very confusing.

The book Moneyball was written by Michael Lewis and Aaron Sorkin penned the latest script rewrite. The film is about Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane. He went from hurting his playing career by signing for the money to turning things around by becoming a baseball executive who could win games with a fraction of the payroll. Hmmm, possibly a bit of a parallel with the making of the film.

Brad Pitt Moneyball

Source: Deadline

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