Entourage Season 7 (Blu-ray)

Entourage is quite possibly the worst show on television.  We should launch an international investigation and enlist the help of Interpol, the FBI, MI6 and every other intelligence agency on the planet to figure out how this show could possibly last seven seasons and not have one single character grow in any way, shape or form.  In some regards, we have to marvel at how a show as poorly written and acted like Entourage can survive while HBO shows like Deadwood, Carnivale, Flight of the Conchords and others can’t even make it to a fourth season.

 Entourage Season 7 on Blu-ray

The seventh season finds the gang still latched on to Vincent Chase’s teat and basking in the glory of another successful movie while actually filming a new one.  Ari is king of the agent world and wants to bring an NFL team to LA.  Vincent had to do his own stunt, which sends him into a pseudo-addiction to pain killers and porn stars.  Drama is upset he can’t get his own show, Turtle’s business is failing and Eric is dealing with engaged life while watching his friends party all the time.  In other words, make a few minor tweaks to any of the previous six seasons and you have the seventh season of Entourage.

 Entourage Seson 7 on Blu-ray

It’s hard to narrow down the absolute worst aspect of the show, but let’s start with the writing.  No matter what the characters in the show say, it seems they’re always about two years behind with what’s going on in the world at the time.  Whether they’re referencing “current” movies or taking digs at actors that refuse to make a guest appearance, the show is always outdated.  In seven seasons, no character has muttered even one memorable quote with the possible exception of Ari Gold’s “Hug it out, bitch”.  Of course, Jeremy Piven adlibbed that line, so don’t go rushing to send any of the writers fan mail.  But as I sat through the seventh season, I was constantly reminded how the characters always seem to be talking, but never actually say anything.

 Entourage Season 7 on Blu-ray

But I spent the seventh season really trying to investigate why this show is still on the air and I think people are drawn to it because it gives them a glimpse of a life they wish they had.  And that’s true; we all wish we were big Hollywood stars or best friends with a big Hollywood star.  According to Entourage, hot bikini models throw themselves at you constantly and even if you’re hideous looking, you get offered oral sex on a regular basis.  Trips to Vegas are normal and there’s no need to worry about bills, jobs or anything that could get in the way of a good time.  Entourage paints life as happy, care-free and wet-dream like at every turn.  So it makes sense that people want a glimpse of that life a few days a month.  I just wish Marky Mark didn’t hire fourth graders to write the episodes for him.


Video: Even though the plot lines and dialogue are lacking in this season, the video quality is not. The colors are bright and clean and makes you want to head out to California yourself.

Audio: There isn’t a lot of uses for surround sound in this particular season, but when the opportunity arises, the audio quality doesn’t disappoint. Nice mix of music and dialogue which makes for a pleasant watching experience.

Audio Commentaries: There are commentaries on three of the episodes: “Hair”, “Porn Scenes From An Italian Restaurant” and “Lose Yourself”, all featuring the majority of your cast and producers. These are an ok listen if you are really into these characters or actors, but there’s really not enough material to merit a full blown commentary.

Inside the Hollywood Highlife (13: 58): This is a fluff piece that highlights the various plot points of the season and is full of clips from the show. I suppose it’s a nice addition to the Blu-ray set, but not something I would recommend watching unless you just can’t get enough of the show.

The Shades of Sasha Grey (6:02): This is all about Ms. Grey and her career in the adult film industry and her life in general. Not terribly interesting to this writer.

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