Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Bedknobs and Broomsticks Blu-ray Review

September 28, 2014
Lincee Ray

Even though BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS was always in line to be one of a handful of Disney’s live action/animated features, the film was fast tracked early on. While writ...

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Michael Peña in Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez Blu-ray Review

September 24, 2014
Jason Kokotoff

To some, the name Cesar Chavez elicits a profound and decisive form of opinion, unfortunately for many others it makes them ask, “Wasn’t he a boxer?” And even if yo...

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Cristina Scaglione

Jersey Shore Massacre Blu-ray Review

September 20, 2014
Aaron Walker

Well, leave it to me to jinx myself. A few weeks ago I watched a movie that I thought was the worst piece of trash I had ever seen. I made inference to, in my review, the...

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Blu-ray Review

September 13, 2014
Aaron Walker

How do you take a character who is wholesome and good and turn him into a hero for whom you can root? That may sound like a strange question but when you think about it, ...

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Breathe In

Breathe In Blu-ray Review

September 8, 2014
Eric Sloss

The family gathers for a portrait outside. They all have smiles on their faces, but not all is well with this supposed perfect unit. BREATHE IN is an intimate portrait of...

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The Railway Man Blu-ray Review

September 4, 2014
Mathew Plale

Time is on the mind of Eric Lomax (Colin Firth, THE KING’S SPEECH), a British officer who served during World War II, as he lies on the floor. He recites a quote to him...

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Tarzan Blu-ray Review

September 3, 2014
Lincee Ray

When you think of the highest grossing Disney films, I bet TARZAN doesn’t come to mind. Can you believe that it outranks BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and CARS? I did a little r...

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Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Blu-ray Review

September 1, 2014
Brad Sturdivant

The penultimate season of HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’ is more of the same and by this point, you either like the show or you don’t. Following the trend from the thir...

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Blended Blu-ray Review

August 31, 2014
Mathew Plale

Recent divorcee Lauren Reynolds (Drew Barrymore) is single with two boys. Widow Jim Friedman (Adam Sandler) is single with three girls. They’re set up on a blind date a...

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Under the Skin Blu-ray Review

August 30, 2014
Mathew Plale

There is a small dot of light that progressively gets larger until it suddenly turns into a giant ball with rays beaming from it. The light seems to take different forms,...

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