Cinderella trailer

Cate Blanchett and Lily James star in the first Cinderella trailer

November 19, 2014
Brad Sturdivant

When I learned they were going to make a live action CINDERELLA movie, I thought they would go more with a re-interpretation as opposed to a shot for shot remake of the a...

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The Monuments Men Blu-ray Review

May 24, 2014
Aaron Walker

During World War II the greatest works of art, those pieces we consider essential blocks of human history, were on the brink of destruction. In a new film based on a true...

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Matthew McConaughey is Best Actor in our 2014 Academy Award Predictions – Part 3

February 27, 2014
Nathan Swank

The acting categories are probably most peoples favorites.  We see them more, we feel like we know them and they are usually prettier than the rest of us.  Actors are u...

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Blue Jasmine Blu-ray Review

January 22, 2014
Mathew Plale

Jasmine French sits next to an elderly woman on an airplane headed for the opposite coast. She goes on about how she first met her husband and how quickly he swept her of...

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12 Years A Slave wins huge from the Florida Film Critics Circle

December 18, 2013
Brad Sturdivant

At this point, let’s not even hold an Academy Awards show.  12 YEARS A SLAVE is the clear cut favorite and although movies like AMERICAN HUSTLE, THE WOLF OF WALL S...

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George Clooney, Matt Damon and Bill Murray look serious on the first poster for The Monuments Men

August 24, 2013
Kristy Sturdivant

Just a few weeks after the first trailer hit the internet, we are getting a look at the poster for the upcoming action-thriller THE MONUMENTS MEN which is directed by Geo...

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George Clooney and Matt Damon star in the first Monuments Men trailer

August 8, 2013
Brad Sturdivant

The first trailer for George Clooney‘s MONUMENTS MEN has hit the web and we now know what direction he’s taking the true story.  Based on the description, I ...

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Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin and Andrew Dice Clay in new photos from Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine

June 26, 2013
Nathan Swank

Woody Allen is a hit or miss kind of director for me, but he always gets a very talented cast with some strong strong performances.  BLUE JASMINE (click the link to watc...

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Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin and Louis C.K. star in the first Blue Jasmine trailer

June 7, 2013
Brad Sturdivant

I never try to defend Woody Allen, mainly because I’m not his biggest fan.  For every good movie he has, he’s made at least five bad movies.  But when he does get i...

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Win a Blu-ray of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

March 19, 2013
Brad Sturdivant and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment  are proud to offer you a chance to win a Blu-ray of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey From Academy Award®-winning filmma...

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