Steve Coogan in Alan Partridge

Alan Partridge Blu-ray Review

This reviewer should admit he was completely in the dark as to who Alan Partridge was, and if you tried to quiz him, he would only say, “Well, let’s see, David was on vocals and guitar, Danny was on bass, Laurie was a girl, so, um, probably the long-lost dad. Or maybe the manager. What […]

Colm Meaney and Jamie Foxx in Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding Citizen (Blu-ray)

There are a lot of interesting questions and discussion topics raised in LAW ABIDING CITIZEN.  Is it possible to push a victim so far that he becomes the abuser and if so, where is that line?  Or maybe; at what degree does the justice system begin to hurt the very citizens that it was designed […]

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