2017 Best Actor Race

Denzel Washington, Casey Affleck or Ryan Gosling? The 2017 Oscar Predictions for Acting

February 21, 2017
Nathan Swank

Usually we have a pretty good idea who will win the Academy Award for the four acting categories.  But more often than not there is a slight surprise in one of the categ...

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The Spike Lee Joint Collection Vol.1 Blu-ray Review

July 7, 2014
Aaron Walker

With the SPIKE LEE JOINT collections, both Volume 1 featuring HE GOT GAME (1998) and 25TH HOUR (2002) and Volume 2 featuring MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA (2008) and SUMMER OF SAM ...

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2 Guns Blu-ray Review

November 21, 2013
Mathew Plale

Robert Trench and Michael Stigman have been partnering up for years. That’s evident when they sit down in a local diner, which has the best donuts in counties. They bus...

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2 Guns Movie Review

August 2, 2013
Nathan Swank

Who would have ever thought pairing Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg for an action-filled buddy cop comedy would work so well?  I’ll admit that I for one didn&#...

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Melissa Leo

Melissa Leo joins Denzel Washington in The Equalizer

May 31, 2013
Nathan Swank

Melissa Leo has always had a hard edge, which might make her good pick for the film adaptation of the 80’s television show THE EQUALIZER.  The actress won a suppor...

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Chloe Moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz is joining Denzel Washington in The Equalizer

May 10, 2013
Brad Sturdivant

It feels like the process of bringing THE EQUALIZER to the big screen has been going on for a long time. Back in 2010, the film was going to star Russell Crowe in the tit...

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Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington team up in the first 2 Guns trailer

March 29, 2013
Brad Sturdivant

The first trailer for the Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington buddy-cop film 2 GUNS is out and I think the best thing we can say about this trailer is that we hope itR...

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Flight Blu-ray Review

February 12, 2013
Eric Sloss

There are few instances in life where you are completely helpless and are totally dependent on others. One of those times is when you are on an airplane. You count on the...

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Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington in 2 Guns

Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington look tough in the first image from 2 Guns

January 25, 2013
Brad Sturdivant

Denzel Washington is about as sure a thing in Hollywood as you can get, so if I were casting an action-drama, he’d be at the top of my list.  Mark Wahlberg?  Not ...

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Flight BD

Flight starring Denzel Washington and John Goodman coming to Blu-ray in February

January 4, 2013
Kristy Sturdivant

Paramount Home Media Distribution has announced that the drama FLIGHT, directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Denzel Washington, Nadine Velazquez, Tamara Tunie, Brian G...

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