Top Ten Movies of 2018

The Ten Best Movies of 2018

January 2, 2019
Nathan Swank

2018 was chalk full of some really interesting movies. I always make my best of year list a top ten with an additional number or two and a couple of Honorable mentions. ...

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Weekend box office First Man

Weekend box office: First Man battles for third place while Venom stays on top

October 14, 2018
Brad Sturdivant

Box office success doesn’t always play a huge factor into who takes home Oscar glory, but it doesn’t hurt to have a film with critical and popular success.  ...

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First Man

First Man Movie Review

October 12, 2018
Nathan Swank

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” There are some moments that are bigger than the people involved.  Nothing exemplifies this better than...

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