Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and Bette Midler in First Wive's Club

Top Gun, Almost Famous, Ferris Bueller and the Top Ten spontaneous musical numbers in movie history

October 22, 2011
Brad Sturdivant

By Brad Sturdivant Full fledged musicals have been popular since the invention of the “talkie”, but we shouldn’t forget that some of the best musical moment...

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Overboard (Blu-ray)

August 24, 2011
Kristy Sturdivant

All of my favorite films from the 1980s stem from a little lady I like to call “Mom”. If it wasn’t for her, I would be in the dark on gems like this one. OVERBOARD ...

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Anna Faris

Private Benjamin reenlists with Anna Faris

March 31, 2010
Brad Sturdivant

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant When I read about remakes these days, I feel like a battered puppy.  I don’t even have the strength to complain about them anymore because t...

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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez to star in Overboard remake

March 20, 2010
Brad Sturdivant

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant Jennifer Lopez, who was last relevant in 2002, is giving audiences another reason to hate her as she has agreed to star in a planned remake of ...

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