3 Days to Kill Blu-ray Review

June 29, 2014
Jason Kokotoff

Whether portraying a professional athlete, serial killer, adoptive parent to the world’s greatest super hero or an aging spy with a proficiency in target elimination in...

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Romeo and Juliet (2013) Blu-ray Review

February 22, 2014
Mathew Plale

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is often cited as the most-filmed play of all time. Directors from George Cukor and Franco Zeffirelli to Baz Luhrmann and Lloyd K...

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Ender's Game Movie Review

November 1, 2013
Nathan Swank

Based on the popular science-fiction novel from Orson Scott Card, ENDER’S GAME follows a futuristic world where children’s skillful video game abilities has m...

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Ender's Game reveals three new propaganda posters

June 25, 2013
Nathan Swank

ENDER’S GAME is shaping up to be a fairly big event film for science fiction fans.  Today Summit Entertainment has release three new propaganda posters to help get...

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Harrison Ford, Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld star in the first Ender's Game trailer

May 7, 2013
Brad Sturdivant

I can’t say I had much interest in the adaptation of ENDER’S GAME, probably because I’m not that familiar with the story, but also because I keep hearin...

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Ben Kingsley is tattooed in new photo from Ender's Game

May 1, 2013
Nathan Swank

Ben Kingsley is looking spectacular as the tattood face of Mazer Rackham in THE ENDER’S GAME.  His character is the one who trains Ender as a boy, much like an Obi...

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Amber Heard

Amber Heard will join Kevin Costner and Hailee Steinfeld in Three Days to Kill

December 17, 2012
Kristy Sturdivant

Looks like Amber Heard’s career may be taking a giant leap forward in 2013. Previously we’ve seen the young starlet in so-so films like THE RUM DIARY, DRIVE ANGRY and...

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Harrison Ford in Ender's Game

Harrison Ford looks strict in the first photo from Ender's Game

December 5, 2012
Kristy Sturdivant

One of my most anticipated films of 2013 is ENDER’S GAME, based on the book by Orson Scott Card. If you are a sci-fi fan or book lover in general this is one of tho...

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Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld will join Kevin Costner in an action film directed by McG

November 29, 2012
Kristy Sturdivant

Hailee Steinfeld is one of those young actresses that you expect to be big because of her turn in the film TRUE GRIT which earned her an Academy Award nomination, but you...

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Kristen Wiig, Hailee Steinfeld and Guy Pearce

Kristen Wiig, Hailee Steinfeld and Guy Pearce will get together for Hateship, Friendship

October 18, 2012
Kristy Sturdivant

A little movie that has been flying under the radar is probably one we should all keep an eye out for as it has some potential to be fantastic due to the star power. Kris...

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