Jonah Hill is corrupting our youth in the red band trailer for The Sitter

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Director David Gordon Green (YOUR HIGHNESS and PINEAPPLE EXPRESS) has just released a red band trailer for THE SITTER, a trailer that some will find funny and others will find offensive. I’m not sure where I fit in that particular spectrum, but I do know that I didn’t hear a lot of good things about YOUR HIGHNESS and PINEAPPLE EXPRESS was only funny because of Seth Rogen – take that as you will.

THE SITTER follows a college student (Jonah Hill) who is pretty much a slacker and is somehow coaxed into filling as a babysitter for the next door neighbors kids. Comedy and gross out humor is sure to ensue as they all venture out into the night.

What I find most interesting about this trailer is the introduction with Jonah Hill and the panel of random kids. I’m not sure why the studio or director would find it necessary to give us this little clip, but it was slightly humorous.

THE SITTER stars Jonah Hill, Sam Rockwell, Ari Graynor and Method Man. It opens in theaters on December 9, 2011.

The Sitter Red Band Trailer

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