Mortal Kombat is getting another chance for a reboot thanks to New Line

Posted by: Zack Bruce

When I was younger, I played my fair share of Mortal Kombat. As time went on, my interest became less and less. I got more into Tekken as far as fighting games. Nowadays it’s just FPS’ for me. Did I pre-order Battlefield 3? Yes, yes I did. Am I playing the beta after I write this article? Yes, yes I am.

Right now the subject at hand is the rebirth of the Mortal Kombat movie franchise. New Line is giving the video game a second chance at movie glory. A possible reboot has been in the pipeline for a while but no one has committed to getting it off the ground. The studio has hired Oren Uziel and Kevin Tancharoen for the project. Tancharoen directed the screenplay that Uziel wrote for the 8-minute trailer, MORTAL KOMBAT: REBIRTH. The trailer was a huge sensation on the internet and gave the world of MK a more realistic approach. More recently a web series was spawned from the trailer called MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY starring Michael Jai White and Jeri Ryan.

The reboot will apparently not be a continuation of the series. That’s all of the detail that was given.

Mortal Kombat

Source: Deadline

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