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Ten Best Performances from 2014 not nominated for an Academy Award

January 19, 2015
Nathan Swank

The 2015 Academy Award nominations were recently announced and as usual, there are plenty of people’s favorites absent from the list – No LEGO MOVIE for Best ...

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The Grand Budapest Hotel Blu-ray Review

July 2, 2014
Mathew Plale

The Grand Budapest Hotel has seen grander times. In 1985, it was merely a building that a select few would recall. In 1968, the few guests that stayed there kept to thems...

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Win a Blu-ray of The Grand Budapest Hotel, starring Ralph Fiennes and Bill Murray

June 18, 2014
Brad Sturdivant

Flix66.com and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment are proud to offer you a chance to win a Blu-ray of THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL recounts the...

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The Invisible Woman Blu-ray Review

April 30, 2014
Michael A. Smith

What do you do if you’re stuck in a marriage that is stalled intellectually? If you’re the famed British author Charles Dickens (Fiennes) you take up with a young act...

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The Grand Budapest Hotel Movie Review

March 21, 2014
Nathan Swank

Wes Anderson definitely has a unique perspective in filmmaking.  His unusual style can be polarizing and THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL is surely one that will once again wow ...

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Ralph Fiennes stars in the first trailer for Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel

October 17, 2013
Brad Sturdivant

The new trailer for Wes Anderson’s latest, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL is here and it has a very Wes Anderson-y feel to it. So if you’re a fan of his films, you should a...

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Coriolanus Blu-ray Review

July 19, 2012
Nathan Swank

Through all my English, Playwriting, Literature and Theater courses between high school and college, I’ve become moderately knowledgeable in Shakespearian work.  A...

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Wrath of the Titans Blu-ray Review

July 3, 2012
Nathan Swank

For some reason, I thought I remember CLASH OF THE TITANS being very disappointing and underwhelming from audiences and critics alike.  So I was surprised that the seque...

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Daniel Craig and Ralph Fiennes in new photos from Bond Skyfall

April 11, 2012
Nathan Swank

Daniel Craig is looking both butch and suave as James Bond in some new photos from SKYFALL.  We also get a glimpse of Ralph Fiennes firing a weapon but this is mostly a ...

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The English Patient (Blu-ray)

March 8, 2012
Aaron Walker

My wife and I often argue about the greatness of different movies – it’s one of the reasons that we got together. Sitting down and talking about movies with her is on...

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