The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride Blu-ray Review

Fairy tales can be a very poignant method for delivering a strong life lesson to a child. They can be magical, fantastical, romantic and wise, but very seldom are they cool. However there is one, and only one that would make both of Fonzie’s thumbs point due north. Explain further you say…as you wish. It […]

Rob Reiner

Leonardo DiCaprio will call Rob Reiner dad in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street

The cast for Martin Scorsese’s THE WOLF OF WALL STREET is shaping up quite nicely.  In the film, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort, a New York stock broker who’s life is destroyed by sex, drugs and alcohol, but who became more famous for what he didn’t do, which is testify in a federal investigation.  In […]

Corey Feldman, Jerry O'Connell, Wil Wheaton and River Phoenix in Stand By Me

Stand By Me (Blu-ray)

“Do you guys wanna see a dead body?”  Immediately engaging, that simple phrase sets up the action and reason for our four lead preteen boys to embark on a coming of age journey. Some films stand the test of time by reaching an entire generation.  With famous lines and scenes that embed themselves into a […]


Flipped (from director Rob Reiner)

Rob Reiner has gone back to directing kids in his latest effort FLIPPED, but this is a far, far cry from STAND BY ME, which was adult-themed and R-rated.  No, FLIPPED is packed with so much wholesome goodness that cynical audience members like myself that grew up watching Rambo kill people for fun and the […]

Bucket List 1

The Bucket List

Movies about terminally ill patients are tough to make and tough to watch.  There is usually a point in the film where the viewer gets attached to the dying character and at the last reel you are crushed to see their end, or you never hit that point and don’t feel anything when they die.  […]

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