Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston in Only Lovers Left Alive

Only Lovers Left Alive Blu-ray Review

September 25, 2014
Eric Sloss

Vampires have run the gamut in movies and television. At first they were something to be feared in the Dracula films. Then you had them sexualized in television shows lik...

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The Deep End Blu-ray Review

June 10, 2014
Eric Sloss

THE DEEP END is a thriller that simmers. It marinates. It takes its time. There aren’t any pyrotechnics here. There is little blood. This is a film that keeps up the te...

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Chris Evans stars in a new trailer for Bong Joon-Ho’s Snowpiercer

July 5, 2013
Brad Sturdivant

While fans of Bong Joon-Ho’s are anxiously awaiting the debut of his English language film, SNOWPIERCER, I’m not sure anyone else in the English speaking worl...

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Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton star in the first Snowpiercer trailer

June 12, 2013
Brad Sturdivant

The first trailer for Bong Joon-Ho’s English language debut, SNOWPIERCER is finally here and although the quality isn’t the best (I’ll update with the HD tr...

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Chris Evans, Jamie Bell and more appear in new photos from Snowpiercer

May 20, 2013
Brad Sturdivant

One film that has been flying under the radar so far is Bong Joon-Ho’s English language debut, SNOWPIERCER. Boasting an incredible cast and a very original story, it’...

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Octavia Spencer

Oscar Nominee Octavia Spencer joins Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton in Snow Piercer

February 3, 2012
Nathan Swank

I’m guessing that “Oscar Nominee” title will switch to “Oscar Winner” come the end of February.  But Octavia Spencer who has won most of the major awards for h...

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Tilda Swinton and Jamie Bell

Tilda Swinton and Jamie Bell are looking to join Chris Evans in Snow Piercer

January 18, 2012
Brad Sturdivant

We just learned that Captain America himself, Chris Evans, was all set to star in Koren director Bong Joon-Ho’s science fiction thriller SNOW PIERCER and when we fo...

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Jason Schwartzman

Jason Schwartzman to re-team with Wes Anderson for Moonrise Kingdom

March 24, 2011
Brad Sturdivant

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant It’s undeniable that Wes Anderson has had quite the following since his first film in 1996 BOTTLE ROCKET, so when we heard that he was ...

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Dawn Treader Blu-ray

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader coming to Blu-ray

February 2, 2011
Brad Sturdivant

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced that the third film in the fantasy franchise THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF T...

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I Am Love

January 23, 2011
Rebeca Surber Swank

In Luca Guadagnino’s Italian film, I AM LOVE (LO SONO L’AMORE), we meet the Recchi’s, a dysfunctional yet wealthy family who is well known in Milan for their fabric...

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