Topher Grace

Topher Grace joins Christopher Nolan's upcoming film Interstellar

July 23, 2013
Kristy Sturdivant

Christopher Nolan is adding another actor to the list for his upcoming film INTERSTELLAR in the form of Topher Grace. Topher Grace is one of those actors that at one time...

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Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfried and Robert De Niro star in The Big Wedding trailer

July 31, 2012
Kristy Sturdivant

A trailer for the film THE BIG WEDDING, starring Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfried and Robert De Niro, has just been released and I can’t help but feel I’ve al...

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Topher Grace and Mary Elizabeth Winstead star in Toshiba's interactive Facebook movie The Beauty Inside

July 30, 2012
Brad Sturdivant

We’ve already entered a new age of filmmaking, but to be honest, no one has really effectively used Facebook to create a movie, but rather most filmmakers use Faceb...

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Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray Review

July 14, 2012
Lincee Ray

There were three years between the second movie of the trilogy and SPIDER-MAN 3.  Apparently, that gave director Sam Raimi enough time to pack everything into his final ...

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Jenna Fischer, Topher Grace and Malin Akerman star in The Giant Mechanical Man trailer

March 30, 2012
Brad Sturdivant

Maybe it was her adorable portrayal of Pam Beesly on ‘The Office’, but I can’t help but love Jenna Fischer.  She’s had mixed results with her att...

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The Double (Blu-ray)

February 8, 2012
Aaron Walker

Many spy movies are lots of fun; spy movies are actually some of my favorites: THE BOURNE films (starring Matt Damon), the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movies (with Tom Cruise), ev...

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The Double Trailer

Topher Grace and Richard Gere in The Double trailer

August 31, 2011
Brad Sturdivant

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant The first trailer for the upcoming spy thriller THE DOUBLE has been released and I’m not sure what to think about it.  On paper, the film se...

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The Double

Richard Gere and Topher Grace are in this first look from spy thriller The Double

August 11, 2011
Niki Stephens

Posted by: Zack Bruce Did you know that Richard Gere and Topher Grace had teamed up for a film? Well, it seems that they have. The film directed by first time helmer Mich...

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Take Me Home Tonight (Blu-ray)

July 23, 2011
Lincee Ray

Ahh the 80’s.  I remember them well.  It was a time of aerosol stretched bangs, popped collars and acid washed jeans.  We rocked at the seedy concerts of our fav...

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Take Me Home Tonight Blu-ray

Topher Grace, Anna Faris and Take Me Home Tonight coming to Blu-ray

May 20, 2011
Brad Sturdivant

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant Fox Home Entertainment has announced that the 80’s throwback comedy TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT, starring Topher Grace, Anna Faris, Dan Fogler...

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