Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively and Aaron Johnson star in Oliver Stone's Savages trailer

Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively and Aaron Johnson in Savages

We’ve heard a lot about Oliver Stone’s SAVAGES with studio-killer Taylor Kitsch, but mostly just casting announcements and who’s in and who’s out of the film.  Well, today, we finally get a peek at the finished product and I’ll just say I’m cautiously optimistic.  Oliver Stone is one of the most inconsistent directors around, but when he’s on, he makes some of the best movies out there.  The problem I see with this film is that his three leads are all talented, but very unproven (Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson and Blake Lively).  At least he surrounded them with veterans, but how they react to the pressure remains to be seen.  But after JOHN CARTER and then this summer’s BATTLESHIP, I’d be nervous if Taylor Kitsch was starring in my film.

SAVAGES is about two college kids (Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson) that start their own drug dealing business and start up a relationship with a beautiful girl.  But their business takes off and catches the eye of a local drug lord, who demands that the two entrepreneurs partner with her.  To persuade them to join her team, she and her right hand man kidnap their girlfriend and hold her hostage until they cave in.  The two guys wage war on the cartel, thus creating a battle where each side ups the stakes until the final conclusion.  So at least Taylor Kitsch is getting out of the over produced summer blockbusters.

SAVAGES stars Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson, John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Blake Lively, Salma Hayek, Benicio Del Toro, Emile Hirsch and the recently Oscar nominated Demian Bichir.  The film is due to hit theaters everywhere on September 28th.  Olvier Stone’s films usually get buzz come awards season, but this one feels more like a blockbuster and less like an awards chaser.

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