Taylor Kitsch is again the focus on the second poster for John Carter

Posted by: Zack Bruce

This is the second time recently that I’ve brought some JOHN CARTER news to your attention. The film is due out March 9th and even though December has yet to rear its ugly head, 2012 will be here before we know it. Well then it’s not really surprising that more promotional material for the movie is debuting on the internet.

I sense that new clips and trailers will be on the way soon but for now there is just a second poster. It’s just Taylor Kitsch as John Carter posed against a red background. Nothing to write home about. I think the first one was better personally. This one is actually kind of any eye sore. I feel like I can’t stare at it for too long or it will blind me. I’m down to see the movie but this poster doesn’t really motivate me one way or the other.

John Carter

Source: Hollywood.com

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