Taylor Kitsch to star in Peter Berg’s Battleship

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Gambit himself, Taylor Kitsch is set to star in the long gestating film BATTLESHIP for director Peter Berg.  Jeremy Renner was attached to the film for the longest time, but apparently he found something better to do.  We still don’t know how they’re going to turn the popular board game into a movie, but the description of Taylor’s character is that he’s a great sailor, but a lousy politician.  In action movie lingo, that means he doesn’t “play by the rules” and he’s a “wildcard that does things his way”.  Or, dare I say, a “maverick”.

I have nothing against Kitsch, but going from a talented actor like Renner to a ‘pretty boy’ like Kitsch says to me that the film is going to focus on special effects more than it will a story.  That’s okay, but there’s only so much you can do with battleships and submarines that we haven’t seen before.

Taylor Kitsch

Source: Heat Vision

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