Taylor Lautner is up close and personal in the poster for Abduction

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Have you always wanted to see every pore on Taylor Lautner’s face? Well good, because that’s what the poster for the upcoming thriller ABDUCTION is trying to show you. It doesn’t show you Mr. Lautner on the run, doesn’t show you with his on screen (and off screen) girlfriend Lily Collins, heck, we don’t even get to see this up close shot with an outline of a milk carton (get it, because he was abducted as a kid)- all we get to see is all his scruffy whiskers. I think you all know what a poster snot I am, but this one is really bad. This looks like one of those posters you can pick up at Wal-Mart for your teenager to hang above her bed and stare at before she drifts off into dreamland. This poster gives me absolutely no indication of what ABDUCTION is about- poor form.

ABDUCTION hits theaters on September 23, 2011. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this isn’t the only form of marketing we’re gonna see.

Abduction poster

Source: JustJared

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