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Ten actors over 40 that could be the next Batman

August 7, 2013 | Written By: Brad Sturdivant

With the latest rumor that Warner Bros. is looking to cast an actor over 40 to play opposite Henry Cavill in SUPERMAN & BATMAN, it got us thinking about who they should target.  The actor has to be able to pull off dark and brooding, since that’s the Batman we’ve come to know and love.  But if they’re going with a true Superman vs. Batman, then the actor has to be able to pull off a dark side as well.  The list below is eclectic and some of them would work better than others, but if they’re targeting actors over 40, here are 10 they should consider.

George Clooney as Batman

10. George Clooney: Just kidding

9. Josh Brolin: Along with Ryan Gosling (not over 40, so not on this list) and a few others, Josh Brolin’s name is the one that’s being floated as the current frontrunner.  I like Brolin fine, but not as Batman.  As an actor, he can more than handle anything the script would require, but he’s just not as charming as some of these other actors on the list.  That said, he makes the list because he’s one of the better choices when it comes to actors over 40.

8. Guy Pearce: For the longest time, Guy’s name would come up whenever there was an open superhero slot.  Before Christian Bale got the gig, a lot of fans were clamoring for Nolan to reteam with Pearce for BATMAN BEGINS.  But that didn’t work out, but there’s no reason Pearce couldn’t take over for an older Batman.  Pearce nails everything he does and it would be interesting to see him in this type of role.

Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn

7. Viggo Mortensen: Viggo is probably getting too old for the role, but how great would it be to have him play Bruce Wayne?  His resume speaks for itself, so there’s not much convincing here.  The issue is whether or not he’d be interested and my gut tells me he’d rather do infomercials than do another blockbuster.

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2 Responses to “Ten actors over 40 that could be the next Batman”

  1. Ravenous says:

    I don’t care who they get as long it’s not another Brit! I’m getting tired of Brits hogging up the American superheroes. Nothing against them, they’re good actors, but I like some authenticity.

  2. legendsofbatman says:

    Despite popular belief, Clooney did not destroy Batman.
    Despite what Clooney claims, he did destroy Batman. Clooney was a great choice, as he looks closest to Batman. And, he is a decent actor.
    I would place more blame on Schumacher than Clooney. At least 50% of it goes here.
    Of course, the huge culprit to the near destruction of the live action Batman franchise is Warner Bros. itself.
    Given a good script, good direction, and WB sticking it’s nose out of it, Clooney would have been a great Batman.
    Thankfully, Nolan did what he wanted, despite his “lies” saying he was not doing a Batman Begins sequel, that Joker was not in the sequel, and that he was not doing a third Batman film. (Btw, WHY do people STILL believe him when he says he is not doing another Batman film? Eventually, he won’t. But, we have zero reason to believe him).