Ten Best Performances from 2013 Not Nominated for an Academy Award

The 2014 Oscar nominations didn’t have quite the thrilling stats and surprises as the 2013 nominations.  The solid year for films made for a great list of nominees. With only five spots in the acting categories, obviously some favorites are going to be left on the outside looking in.  For the most part, this is just a time to recognize those good performances that may have been the sixth best of the year.  But to my surprise, I was devastated not to see a few of my favorite choices receive a nomination.  My top two in particular, I think deserve to win the whole thing, let alone be nominated.  As usual, I run a little longer than “ten”, nonetheless, here are my Ten Best Performances from 2013 not nominated for an Academy Award.

13. Paul Dano in PRISONERS and 12 YEARS A SLAVE – This guy is consistently good, always seeming to take unlikable roles; they are all different and troubled.

Inside Llewyn Davis

12. Oscar Isaac in INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS – Although this film has slightly grown on me, I think it got about as much recognition as it deserves. While I’m happy Isaac was not nominated, I can’t deny that he turned in a pretty fantastic performance.

11. Matthew McConaughey – THE WOLF OF WALL STREET – I understand that McConaughey already has a nomination for Dallas Buyers Club, but I thought his short but memorable scene in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET was far more deserving.  The actor has had a marquee year and this performance was the best.

Mia Wasikowski in Stoker

10. Mia Wasikowska in STOKER – This girl is becoming a regular on my end of year lists.  The talented young actress once again turns in a brave performance in a dark and strange coming of age story. Nicole Kidman and Matthew Goode are great as well, but Wasikowska leads the cast as the standout, who I fully believe will eventually be holding a little gold stature in her future.

9.  Will Forte in NEBRASKA – The Saturday Night Live alumnus turns in a subtle performance that doesn’t get enough attention.  Playing the straight man, his role as the caring son to an aging father is overshadowed by a great performance from Bruce Dern, but I for one want to say I noticed you Mr. Forte and your thankless role deserves a thank you.

Robert Redford in All is Lost trailer

8. Robert Redford in ALL IS LOST – Academy Award winning director, Robert Redford gives his strongest performance in years, uttering only a few lines of dialogue as a man increasingly in trouble as he drifts in a life boat on open water.  Redford refused to play to the Oscar politics, which may have ultimately hurt his nomination.  I have a feeling the Sundance Kid won’t be forgotten.

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