Ten Biggest Winners and Losers of the summer

Summer seems to keep getting pushed back further and further as the big blockbusters are releasing earlier (OBLIVION, April 19th) while kids start enrolling for school by the end of July and are hitting the books in the second week of August.  I’m usually worn out by all the big movies and am excited to get down to the more dramatic Oscar fair that comes with fall and winter, but that doesn’t stop the fact that each summer moves by quicker than the one before.  Looking back at this summer, there are plenty of winners and losers for the movie going community to dissect so lets get to it.


5. Scores and Soundtracks –  There were some subtle gems like the indie rock from THE WAY, WAY BACK, the pounding score from MAN OF STEEL, the energetic driving tracks from FAST & FURIOUS 6, or even Pharrell Williams work on DESPICABLE ME 2.  But the big winner here was Baz Luhrman and Jay-Z producing the incredible modern soundtrack with a roaring 20’s template from THE GREAT GATSBY, which made for a memorable summer jam.

4. Animation –  There weren’t many but the two in this category, MONSTERS UNIVERSITY and DESPICABLE ME 2, were such huge box office successes that they propelled the summer to quite the profitable season.

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in The Heat

3. Buddy Cop Movies – Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy had the biggest hit with their surprisingly funnier-than-it-should-be pairing as an odd couple buddy team in THE HEAT.  Then Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg took a darker more action approach in their buddy template for 2 GUNS.  Both had flimsy plots but due to some exceptional chemistry between their very funny stars, were high on laughs giving the summer some much needed light entertainment.

2. Horror – The critics and public both seem to agree, which is very odd when dealing with the horror genre, THE CONJURING is one of best horror films to come out in quite some time.  I’m sure the sequel will try to mess that up but with the mild success of THE PURGE and Brad Pitt’s zombie apocalypse blockbuster WORLD WAR Z, I think the horror genre should feel proud of their summer.

Brad Pitt in World War Z

1. Science Fiction –  I know I just mention WORLD WAR Z in the horror category but it also belongs here and should be mentioned twice as it scared up some of the biggest box office receipts this summer.  This is more surprising due to the controversy of reported delays, frustrations and reshoots the film overcame to give Brad Pitt one of his biggest blockbuster successes to date. A few comedic end of the world fair like THIS IS THE END and THE WORLD’S END along with OBLIVION, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, PACIFIC RIM and ELYSIUM made this summer a dream for any science fiction fan.

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