Ten cancelled TV shows that should get their own Kickstarter project

Although ‘Veronica Mars‘ was a great show, it’s not the show I would most want to get a movie. I know I’ve already done a list of Ten TV Shows That Need a Movie, but I’m taking a different spin on it with this list. The ‘Veronica Mars’ success story got me to thinking about all the cancelled shows that I’d like to see get a movie. And for the purposes of this list, I’m using “cancelled” as shows that ended before their time. That’s tough to quantify because I’d love to see a Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie with the original cast, but truth be told, the show had run its course (however, it did make my other list). There are a few overlaps here, but I tried to keep it fresh.

Drive, starring Nathan Fillion and Emma Stone

10. Drive – I’m amazed by how many people never knew about this show. Nathan Fillion did this after Firefly and it was actually really interesting. I don’t know where they were going to go with the illegal cross-country racing basis of the film, but with guest stars like Emma Stone, Melanie Lynskey and Amy Acker, the show was doing something right. Nathan Fillion should be bigger than he is, so maybe I’m just trying to find a creative way to get him into the movies.

9. Eerie, Indiana – Why not? This show has a surprising cult following and if any show could benefit from a venue where fans can prove their love for the show, this would be it. The show was hit and miss for me, but I’ll always remember the last episode which implied it was all a TV show. Brilliant! The show also benefits from the fact that none of its stars are famous now, although I’m not sure how we’d react to a grown up Marshall.


8. Brimstone – You probably don’t even remember this one, but it featured Peter Horton as a cop sentenced to hell for avenging the rape of his wife. But when 113 evil souls escape earth, The Devil (played fiendishly by John Glover) enlists his help to track them all down. The show was fantastic and the few episodes that aired are now relegated to SyFy reruns, but this could work as a movie. As for its ability to get Kickstarter funds? Well, it might need the full 30 days.

7. Deadwood – This one might be tough because stars Timothy Olyphant and Ian McShane are relatively successful post-cancellation and might command a higher salary. That, and I’m not sure either of them have the emotional attachment to Deadwood that some of the other stars on this list have to their shows. But I hated the ending to Deadwood and I need a re-do. I want to see Seth, Al and Cy team up to get their revenge on George Hearst.

Freaks and Geeks

6. Freaks & Geeks / Undeclared – I almost begrudgingly put these on here, only because I know they’d get the funding in a nanosecond. If Judd Apatow stood up and said he wanted to make a movie of either of these shows and all he needed was a Kickstarter campaign, I think fans would crash Kickstarter’s servers.

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