Ten cancelled TV shows that should get their own Kickstarter project

5. Sports Night – I didn’t get behind this as much as other people did, but I constantly hear it referred to as Aaron Sorkin’s best writing. The show was ahead of its time and America wasn’t ready for a fast paced, witty, dialogue-heavy 30 minute comedy. It would have worked better as a drama, but I digress. The show has a ton of fans and I’m guessing they’d open their wallets for a chance to see Dan and Casey spar with Dana again.


4. Wonderfalls – Wonderfalls just didn’t have enough time to connect with audiences. The show had a rough few episodes, but once it got going, it was funny and quirky, thanks in large part to star Caroline Dhavernas. The idea of objects with anthropomorphic faces telling you what to do is both ingenious and disturbing at the same time. I’m not sure the show has enough fans to make a successful campaign, but I’d love to see a Wonderfalls movie.

Pushing Daisies

3. Pushing Daisies – I loved this show. The show about a guy that can touch dead people and bring them back to life, but make them dead when he touches them again was witty, original and fascinating at the same time. The chemistry between stars Lee Pace and Anna Friel was electrifying, only made more intense by the idea they could never touch. Pace and Friel have gotten a few movie roles since the series was cancelled, but I think they’d come back for a Pushing Daisies movie.

2. Arrested Development – Obviously. I know, it’s not very original putting it here, but I’d get a ton of hate mail if I didn’t include what is clearly the most popular cancelled show in the history of television. Yes, I know a lot of cast members are pretty big stars now, but they’re loyal to the show and fans would mortgage their houses to see a feature movie.


1. Firefly – Given how much respect and love the cast has for this show (a lot of them go to conventions), this seems like a no-brainer. I’d bet Joss Whedon has scripts for follow up movies laying around his house and one of his disciples could direct, making this budget-friendly. If ‘Veronica Mars’ can get $2 million in 12 hours, I bet Firefly fans could drum up four or five times that.

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