The Ten Greatest Superhero Movies

Most of us love a good summer superhero blockbuster film.  I am no different and am amazed at the leaps and bounds the genre has taken in not only being fun but also smart.  Enough so that it has inspired me to create a list for my Top Ten Greatest Superhero Movies.  To make it a little more fair, I decided to limit myself to one per group of sequels.  Reboots start their own grouping and The Avengers and X-Men solo works are all contenders.  The main reason for this limitation is so I don’t have all the Dark Knight films filling up my top five.  Yeah, that would happen.  Where will MAN OF STEEL land?

Honorable Mention:  CHRONICLE – Not sure how this lands for most people concerning superhero films, but I love the original concept.  Taking the handheld found footage style of filmmaking and following a few ordinary kids who acquire super powers. No one is really a hero, they just show what immature teenagers might do with them.  The bullied might become the bullies.


10. WATCHMEN – Before MAN OF STEEL, Zack Snyder dabbled in the superhero genre with WATCHMEN.  A very dark tale about a world integrated with superheroes who have corrupt deep rooted psychological issues.  While the film may be a little uneven, I appreciate the fresh take on the superhero genre in which I was not familiar.  The direction and cinematography create a graphic novel feel within the interesting characters and their alternate universe.  My favorite scene has to be the opening credits as we get moments in history where the Minutemen turned Watchmen interact and alter how the world becomes in the 1980’s.

Chloe Moretz in Kick-Ass

9. KICK-ASS – The first of two Matthew Vaughn films that made the list, KICK-ASS was a surprising success to just about everyone.  Unlike most of the other films on this list, this is definitely not family friendly, in fact it’s quite vulgar.  However, it takes that SUPER-BAD comedy mentality and sticks it into the superhero world with clever ease.  Let’s not forget it also contains one of the greatest characters in Chloë Grace Moretz’s awesomely tough Hit Girl!

8.  SUPERMAN – How can anyone not love Christopher Reeve?  As probably the best Superman that will ever be, Reeve is a candy Starburst of charisma exploding over everything he’s in.  SUPERMAN succeeds where few films ever had until the 2000’s.  Coming out in 1978, the film was magical with some fantastic effects, a moving story and a memorable score becoming the first legitimate superhero film.  While it has held the test of time better than most, time might also be the main reason this film isn’t higher and I suspect I may receive some grief for it.  The cornball antics of Lois Lane’s mind talk and the absurdity of turning back time doesn’t help matters, but hopefully a future Superman film can bring the character back to the top.

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