The Ten most interesting things about the 2017 Oscar Nominations

3. Have you heard of this new up and coming actress? – Firstly, I agree Meryl Streep is Ah-Mazing!  However, do you think nominating her for every role she’s in is a little much?  I feel like a broken record when just a couple of years ago I said the same thing about her nomination for INTO THE WOODS. She does a fine job in FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS, but I think we could have left her off the ballot to make room for Amy Adams in ARRIVAL or Annette Bening in 20TH CENTURY WOMEN or any of the previously mentioned performances who have yet to win let alone be nominated twenty times.  Yes, that’s right twenty times (and 3 wins)!  Am I out of line to say that we are ironically ‘Trump’ing Streep? – She’s terrific. She’s the greatest actress of all time. No one has ever seen a better actress in the history of the world. She’s Huge!

2. The Academy is not racist, some of their favorite categories have black actors – A record seven minorities were nominated in the acting categories (and many more among the other categories).  That’s a big step up from the zero they nominated last year, which sparked the #OscarsSoWhite controversy.  So does that mean minorities were only nominated because of the pressure from last year?  Or does it mean that last year simply didn’t have anyone who deserved to be nominated, or at least top five worthy, which is always fairly subjective?  Frankly, this year the movies and performances from minorities were better. That’s not the fault of the individuals acting in the movies nor the Academy members voting on the movies.  It simply has to do with the availability of quality films casting minorities in larger roles, specifically for Asians and Hispanics.  While I think the heat given to the Academy was blown out of proportion, it’s no secret that minorities have far less opportunity.  Hopefully the steps the Academy took in adding more minorities and dropping inactive members along with the diverse class of 2016 films were a step in the right direction.

Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone in La La Land

1. La La Land sure does love LA LA LAND – LA LA LAND ties the record for the most nominations from one film with 14! It’s no surprise considering Hollywood loves itself and generally awards well-made movies that highlight that fact.  But 14 nominations is quite the feat considering it has only been done by ALL ABOUT EVE (1950) and TITANIC (1997).  However, LA LA LAND will probably lose the screenplay race, possibly both actor categories and will at least have to lose to itself in the Best Song category, which means it might come up shy from the most wins of 11 held by BEN-HUR (1959), TITANIC (1997), and THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING (2003).

With so many predictable nominations, does this mean we are in for a predictable awards show of LA LA LAND cleaning house? Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, the Oscars will air live February 26.

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