Ten superheroes that need another shot in movies

With so many superheroes appearing in films these days, it’s inevitable that some of our favorites aren’t going to be represented properly.  For every Iron Man or Batman, there are a few Deadpools.  So I took a look back through the various superheroes and villains over the years and identified some that need another shot in movies.  And maybe they don’t need their own movies, but a proper appearance in someone else’s movie would be just as good.  Also, some of these were done fine the first time, but I’d like to see a lot more of them.  And for the record, I tried to stay away from anyone in The Avengers because we know we’re going to be seeing them a lot over the next decade or so.

ghost rider

10. Ghost Rider – Nicolas Cage as Ghost Rider just doesn’t work.  I’m not a Cage-hater, but he’s had two chances and blown both of them.  I would suggest re-introducing this character in someone else’s movie, but he’s owned by Sony and all they have is Spider-Man, which wouldn’t work.  But I would like to see the character revamped (over at Marvel) and given the movie the character deserves.

9. Green Lantern – I didn’t mind Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, but I thought the movie tried to do too much and ended up not doing enough.  My suggestion here is to acknowledge the film as the origins story and bring back Ryan Reynolds, but that’s it.  Bring in a new director, new vision and develop one of the more interesting DC characters.

The Dark Knight Rises

8. Robin/Nightwing – Let’s forget all about Chris O’Donnell’s Robin and while we’re at it, let’s forget about the green tights Robin from the comics.  As I alluded to in another top ten list, Joseph Gordon-Levitt should be the next Batman, but I’d like to see them take some Robin/Nightwing elements to grow the character.  I’m not sure what he really was in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (calling him “Robin” at the very end doesn’t make him Robin), but if done properly, I think Robin/Nightwing could be great on film.

7. Nightcrawler – The first of a few X-Men on this list, Nightcrawler was my favorite member of the X-Men growing up and I thought he was represented very well in X-MEN 2.  Unfortunately, that was the last we’ve seen of him.  I doubt Alan Cumming would reprise the role (he had a falling out with Bryan Singer during filming), but recasting him and adding him to future X-men movies would work well.

Jean Grey Phoenix

6. Phoenix – X-MEN 3 was so bad that almost every character that showed up should be redone and the film stricken from memory.  But the character I was most disappointed in was Jean Grey’s transformation into Phoenix.  Phoenix is a great storyline and that could have been the basis for an entire film.  I’d like to see Bryan Singer revisit the Phoenix storyline, possibly several years in the future.

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