Ten things they have to get right in the Superman vs Batman movie

Now that we know who will be playing Batman and Superman in the MAN OF STEEL SEQUEL (or as I’ll continue to call it, SUPERMAN VS BATMAN), we’re still left with all kinds of questions. If they’re not going to follow an established story, then what direction are they going? How are they going to fit a Superman vs Batman story into the DC world? Who’s making the calls over at DC? There are so many questions and so few answers, but we’ve taken some time to come up with a list of things they have to do to get the movie right.

Superman vs Batman

10. Lay off the CGI: Batman and Superman are two of the greatest superheroes and you don’t have to blow up half the world to make a good movie. Putting them together gives you so much room to explore who they are as a person/alien and with some good dialogue and well thought out storytelling, you could make a fantastic film with minimal CGI.

Ben Affleck yelling

9. Don’t let Ben Affleck yell: When Ben Affleck yells, his voice goes up a few octaves. So don’t let him yell. I like Affleck, but this is one of my pet peeves about him. Batman doesn’t sound like a 13 year-old boy going through puberty, so let’s avoid any Bat-yelling.

8. Don’t bring in Robin: Is it possible to bring Robin/Nightwing to the big screen effectively? Of course it is. Do I think Zack Snyder can do it? Absolutely not. Robin is one of the fastest ways to Schumacher the franchise and it’s best to leave him alone until you’ve established a successful franchise that fans love. However, they still need to…

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