Terrence Malick lines up Lawless with Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling and Rooney Mara, also eyes Knight of Cups

Posted by: Zack Bruce

If Terrence Malick decides to do a film, everyone in Hollywood wants to get in on the action. Malick has a wonderful and refreshing imagination that can make his projects seem out of this world. THE TREE OF LIFE has to be his most ambitious to date. Usually it takes Malick awhile to prep a film. Now it seems that next year he wants to shoot two films back to back.

The first film, LAWLESS already has some footage attached. Remember when Malick was filming Christian Bale during Austin City Limits? It was for that. The footage may not be used for the film though. It was basically to help Bale get into a character that could be considered to be a bit of a jerk. Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara, and Cate Blanchett recently signed on.

Bale and Blanchett will also be in the second film, KNIGHT OF CUPS. There are currently no details on this project other than cast. Isabel Lucas nabbed a role as well. Both films are currently in pre-production. Should be interesting to see what comes out of these two films.

Terrence Malick and Christian Bale

Source: IndieWire

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