The Avengers are unmasked and ready for action in these new photos

Posted by: Zack Bruce

How many photos of THE AVENGERS are we going to get before we see another trailer? Personally, unless we get character posters showing detail on costumes then I’m just going to pass. I know what they all look like. maybe they should unveil some other characters like Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill. We haven’t got a lot of her at all. Dare I say we even get more of Jeremy Renner is his Hawkeye costume or Bruce Banner in all his Hulkiness.

Entertainment Weekly’s newest issue that will be out on stands tomorrow has a group photo of The Avengers. It’s basically a big, scary lump of photoshop disaster. I know that most magazines are done this way but it doesn’t even look like some of the heads correlate with the bodies. Also, what’s up with Mark Ruffalo’s face? Did he smell something bad? Is allergy season gotten the best of him?

I should be more excited about anything Avengers but these photos don’t do anything for me. The interview sounds like it might be more enticing. The cast apparently went to a Motley CruĂ« concert and also did a little bit of clubbing– hopefully with the costumes on.

UPDATE: View more photos of THE AVENGERS

The Avengers

The Avengers

Source: Entertainment Weekly, Coming Soon

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