The Avengers could welcome Ms. Marvel to the team in The Avengers 2

The Avengers and Ms. Marvel

As soon as THE AVENGERS 2 was officially announced and Joss Whedon was officially on board to direct, you had to have known that casting rumors and additional character rumors wouldn’t be far behind.  So today we have the first of what promises to be many to come as Ms. Marvel will supposedly be joining the team.  The news comes from England’s The Daily Mail, who I normally only use as pictures sources since they seem to be willing to make up news as they go, but they claim that Ms. Marvel is the first new character and that Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson (both Brits) are in the running to play her.  We know Emily Blunt and if you don’t know Ruth Wilson, she’s the star of the British series ‘Luther’ and will appear in the upcoming THE LONE RANGER and ANNA KARENINA.

I don’t really know much about Ms. Marvel, only that she can control energy, is indestructible and most artists tend to draw her in a thong.  So there’s that.  As for her involvement with The Avengers, I don’t think I’m excited one way or the other.  Thoughts?  Is Ms. Marvel a good addition to the team?  If so, who should play her?

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