The Bodyguard next remake on horizon from Warner Bros.

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

It’s probably safe to assume that everyone who grew up in the 1990’s is familiar with the film THE BODYGUARD which starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Even if you never got around to seeing the film, you surely remember the all too famous and overplayed song “I Will Always Love You”. Well, Warner Bros. just can’t leave a good thing alone, and since this appears to be the decade of remakes, the next up on the chopping block is THE BODYGUARD. This will be another good opportunity for the studios to find some fresh young popstar who is at the height of fame, throw them into a film and pray that soundtrack sales skyrocket and tween fans come running. The film already has a couple of screenwriters in Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer and a production team is also in place. Stay tuned for director news as well as casting.

In the original film, Costner played a security professional and prior Secret Service Agent who had to keep Houston safe from stalker fans. In this new version, the bodyguard will be a former military man who must not only combat from physical threats but threats that come through social media sources such as Twitter and Facebook. Yeah, there are plenty of stalkers on both of those forums.

Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard

Source: Deadline

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