The Coen brothers want Justin Timberlake to star in Inside Llewyn Davis

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Just thinking about the idea of the Coen brothers directing a film that’s starring Justin Timberlake gives me a headache.  But I guess when you think about the fact that INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS is about the 60’s folk scene in Greenwich Village and it’s important that your lead can sing and act, it actually kind of makes sense.  The question, of course, is whether or not Timberlake is up to the challenge.  Sure, he was great in THE SOCIAL NETWORK, but taking the lead in a movie from the Coen brothers is a much bigger challenge.

The titular lead in the film is set to be played by Oscar Isaac.  If JT accepts the challenge, then he’ll be playing Jim, a fellow folk musician that’s marries to Jean.  Carey Mulligan will be playing Jean.  The title character is based off the real life folk singer Dave van Ronk, so we can assume that Jim would be based off someone as well.  Greenwich Village in the 60’s was responsible for many great folk singers, but none more so than Bob Dylan himself.  I don’t know if I could stomach JT acting like Dylan for two hours, so hopefully he’ll be playing someone else.  Shooting is set to begin in the spring, 2012.

Justin Timberlake

Source: Variety

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