The Coen Brothers want to visit the folk scene by directing a film about Dave van Ronk

Posted by: Zack Bruce

The Coen Brothers dropped the bomb that their next film would be music related earlier in the month. The LA Times now has more information on what and who this project are about.

The script for the film is loosely based on the life of legendary American folk musician, Dave van Ronk and the Greenwich Village folk scene. For those of you who may be too young or unaware of Ronk and his influence, the Times gave this background: “The musician, who died in 2002, was known as the uncle of the coffeehouse scene, a big personality famed for his musical acumen, left-wing politics, general erudition and entertaining storytelling. On his watch, era-defining musicians such as Phil Ochs, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell were discovered and cultivated. Van Ronk also was a noted blues guitarist in his own right.”

After Ronk’s death in 2002, his memoir titled, “The Mayor of MacDougal Street” was released with the help of a colaborator. It is said that the Coens will pull material from this book from the film. The film will contain natural dialogue and will have the feeling of being dropped into the middle of a world. It will also contain several musical performances. Joel Coen said this on the performances, “We’re working on a movie now that has music in it [that’s] pretty much all performed live, single instrument.”

Joel and Ethan Coen

Source: LA Times

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